Introducing Courset

It’s been a very long ride to this point but finally my next project is available for everyone!

Courset’s aim is to help you to manage different classes that you or your kids visit. Moreover, it helps you keep track of all memberships in these classes, helping you understand how much time or classes left until you have to prolong the course. If you’re a tutor, Courset can help you plan schedules for your groups or individual students. For more information about the app itself and how it can simplify your life please proceed to the official page.

The original idea came to me in late 2018. Since then I was trying to figure out features that it needs, the way it’s going to look, and the overall plan of development. I even tried to actually build it several times, and I renamed the app two times! And now, to help me be more consistent with iOS app development and with frequency of updates for my apps, I decided to release the app sooner and then get it to version 1.0 with regular updates.

It’s in somewhat early access now (current version is 0.1), so you can touch it and try it on your life and tell me what would you like to see. I really love and appreciate all the feedback that you give about my apps. Courset is available now for iPhones running iOS 13.4 and later. Remember that although I test every version before release very carefully, feature-wise it’s not a finished product, so some key functionality is unavailable for now. In the upcoming months Courset is going to get better and better, so now it’s a great time for your valued feedback.

Timerange Plus released

The standalone Timerange Plus app finally reached the App Store!

This is the version of Timerange that already has all functionality of Timerange Plus but a slightly different icon, and made for those who can’t upgrade inside the free version (for example, because of some restrictions regarding In-App Purchases). But don’t worry! Both apps will be supported concurrently, and both will receive updates at the same time.

If you haven’t upgraded inside the free version of Timerange yet (or the new icon is more appealing to you :), get the new standalone version from the App Store.

SyntaxHighlighter Evolved: Swift Brush released

This simple WordPress plugin adds support for the Swift Programming Language to the SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin.
Requires SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin to be installed first.

I admit that I may have missed some Swift keywords or something, so if you find it, please tell me about it. Thank you.

Example code

class ExampleClass {

    let text: String
    var num = 0

    init(text: String) {
        self.text = text
        println("Text = " + text)

    func incrementNum() {

Installation Instructions

  1. Upload syntaxhighlighter-swift to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.

How to use

Simply wrap your code in tags or . You may want to take a look at more tags that you can use on SyntaxHighlighter Evolved settings page.

Download now from here.

Movieday released

Movieday is a great way to create your own day-by-day schedule for watching movies. It has been developed especially for iPhone and iPod Touch. Add movies to a calendar using fully functional search by movies, actors or movie companies. Keep track of the newly released movies in cinemas which appear right in the in-app calendar. Bookmark favorite movies so that you always have access to info about them. Get reminders about movies to watch at any time convenient for you.

• A minimalistic interface allowing access to any part of the application with just 1-2 touches.
• A convenient built-in calendar for managing your own schedule.
• Premiere dates for new movies which are displayed right on the calendar. You can switch it off if you want.
• Fast, and easy search by movies, actors or movie companies.
• Personal reminders about the added movies.

Get it now in the App Store and don’t forget to leave a review.