Courset 0.2.1 Update Released

Sometimes you have to change your release plans, especially when something like this happens: on September 15 Apple said during their annual September event that iOS 14 will be out next day! That was a challenge for a lot of us developers, and for me too. Because of timezones, I didn’t have enough time on September 15, so I had do everything on the next day before 2 pm to have a chance to get Timerange and Courset released in time with iOS 14.

My initial plan about Courset was to release v0.3 with new features like course notifications along with iOS 14 improvements. This I had to change, so I’ve split these updates into two: 0.2.1 and 0.3. The former is already in the App Store, so be sure to update as soon as you’re on iOS 14! The app also no longer supports iOS 13 because of all the new SwiftUI features that I have to get to continue developing Courset. Stay tuned to hear more about 0.3 and future updates of Courset — we’re going to make this a perfect courses tracker!

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