Courset 0.2 Update Released

Time for the first Courset update! Now you can edit your courses, add schedules and manage them. New schedules list screen conveniently displays all schedules of a course on a timeline chart. The update also includes many small fixes throughout the app.

Of course the ability to edit courses you add and manage their schedules is most important, since it’s a course manager app, but it was not as fun to make as this little chart above. I think it’s the most important feature not only because it’s convenient for user, but also it gave me a lot of experience (insert Skyrim level up sound here) writing this kind of stuff in SwiftUI. It’s not interactive, it just visualizes schedule dates for you to make it easier to plan the schedule. But it was done using only SwiftUI, and it really shows me the power of the framework. It’s just a combination of a small amount of math, GeometryReader, Rectangle, Path, and some overlapping detection code so month names don’t appear if there’s no space for them.

So now we have an app in the App Store built 90% on SwiftUI that has already been updated once. I think now I can write some SwiftUI tutorials for you, and I will someday in the future! I’m thinking about these topics: SwiftUI app architecture, drawing using SwiftUI (like that chart), managing app (or view) state, Core Data and Swift UI, network requests using Combine and SwiftUI. If you want me to cover one of these topics or something else first, please let me know in the comments below or on Twitter.

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