Timerange 4 coming this July

Starting this July work with dates will become even simpler with Timerange 4.
It comes with 14 new features and beautiful new interface for Date Calculation screen that looks nice and improves usability. Take a look at some new stuff that Timerange will bring to you below.

Fast & Clean Date Calculation

The first that you’ll see in the Timerange 4 is updated Date Calculation screen. And finally, you can add not only days to a date, but also weeks, months, and years. So if you want to calculate, for example, what day will be 14 weeks after, you don’t need anymore to set days to 98, you can just set it to 14 weeks.

Refined counters

Set a color for each of your counter, reorder them, create fast counters with a single tap, and more. It also will load faster if you have a lot of counters in the app. New Counters in Timerange are more powerful than ever!

And more

The new Settings screen allows you to customize your Timerange: set default values for each field in the app, choose which screen to show at startup, or set your custom workdays instead of default Monday to Friday, and much more.

Timerange 4 will be available on July 2015.
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