Timerange 2.0 update released

A huge update for Timerange finally has passed to the App Store and I want to congratulate you on this significant event 🙂 …But stop, what’s Timerange? Yes, it’s renamed DateInterval.  I think the new name is easier to pronounce and remember than the old one. Here’s several new big functions I added in this update. See all the new stuff right below:

• Third function, which is called “Counters”. Set the date and a name, and you can watch anytime how much time has passed since that, or how much time left until that date. Add as many counters as you want.
• Week days disc. Just swipe up on the first screen and choose what days to count: only business days, only holidays or by your own choose (e.g. only mondays, wednesdays and fridays).
• Dates to skip. Tap on “Dates to skip” link on a first screen and add some holidays that must be skipped independently of what day of the week it is, like Christmas holidays or the Independence day.
• Amount of business days, holidays and days from custom set from a disc now showing in a second screen (Interval calculator).
• Ready for iPad with Retina display.
• Some small fixes and stability improvements.

The new update is free (of course), but the new functions such as counters and weekdays will be unlocked after buying Timerange Plus for just $0.99. Upgrade and you’ll not regret 🙂

If you still don’t have Timerange on your device, time to get it now!

4 replies to “Timerange 2.0 update released”

  1. Не учитывает отмеченные даты((например с 1 по 31 и она не считает ни 1 ни 31((

  2. Там же написано коснитесь для выбора начального дня и конечного?Я так понимаю они должны учитываться?или мне хочется))просто если я хочу узнать сколько дней в месяце мне приходится вводить последний день предыдущего и первый следуещего

    1. При указании обоих дней появляется надпись “Интервал между датами”, что как бы символизирует. И мне кажется, что проще пользоваться календарем, чтобы узнать сколько дней в месяце 🙂

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