How to use Swift code in Objective-C

Apple told you about it, but not very clean. The process is actually pretty simple.

Xcode generates a header file for all your Swift code in the project, so you can use it in Objective-C. Yes, if you have multiple Swift files in your project, you shouldn’t think about what file you need to import — it’s just one for all Swift code. The file name of this header is "ModuleName-Swift.h". And we’ll set it up now in a few steps. Continue reading “How to use Swift code in Objective-C”

How to detect directory changes using GCD

From this post I’ll write some Objective-C code here periodically. Today we’re talking about detecting directory changes. There are several different ways to do that, for example, kqueue or GCD. Detection of directory changes used in my app, Filegrid, version 1.2, that is not yet released at the moment. Continue reading “How to detect directory changes using GCD”