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Timerange is an easy-to-use and convenient application to work with dates. Add or subtract days, weeks, months, and years from (to) any date. Calculate an interval between two dates. Create time counters. Workdays, weekend days and weekdays by your choice are supported. Set your own workweek to get more personalized results when calculating intervals. Adjust style and set a color for each counter and choose which counters to display on the Notification Center widget.

• Minimalistic and convenient easy-to-use interface.
• Add or subtract days, weeks, months, and years from (to) any date.
• Choose which weekdays to count.
• Set specific dates that need to be skipped in calculation.
• Calculation of an interval between two dates with support of inclusion or exclusion of initial or final date.
• In interval calculation get count of workdays, non-working days, and weekdays that you choose.
• Set your own workweek to get more personalized results in intervals calculation.
• Create time counters from (or to) a specific time or day.
• Set display style and a color for each counter.
• Choose when you want to get a notification about a counter.
• Select some counters to display in Notification Center widget, so you can access them without the need to open Timerange.
• Customize what Timerange will show at startup: which screen will it show, with what values to fill each field in the app, or will it just remember last state.

If you have a question, suggestion or if you find a bug in the Timerange, write me at support(at)randexdev.com.

8 Replies to “Timerange”

  1. я не понял сколько стоит. в программе после обновления предлагается купить дополнительные счетчики, а за сколько?????

  2. The app would be improved if I were given a preference as to how to view the time left to a date when in “counter” list view. Tight now it only tells you in months, weeks, and days. I want to be able to choose JUST days or JUST hours, etc.

  3. It would be really useful to have the added functionality of being able to subtract a number of days from a given date. Any chance this could be an added feature????

    1. This functionality is already here. Just tap on minus sign on the first screen of the app and then enter a number of days you want to subtract. Then tap equal sign to get the result.

      If you don’t see minus sign on left side of the text field make sure your Timerange is updated.

  4. Whenever I try to find the number of days between 2 dates, the final result is always the number im looking for minus 1 day.

    1. Try to include or exclude dates you choose by checking or unchecking “Include this day to calculation” switcher.

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