Device support: iPhone only
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Movieday is a great way to create your own day-by-day schedule for watching movies. It has been developed especially for iPhone and iPod Touch. Explore and add movies to a calendar using fast and simple search by movies and people. Mark movies as watched or not watched yet. Receive reminders about movies you’ve added at any time convenient for you.


• A minimalistic interface that makes it really easy to control your schedule and explore new movies.
• A convenient built-in calendar for managing your own schedule plus lists of all watched and overdue movies from the calendar.
• Fast and easy search by movies and people.
• Personal reminders about added movies. Just set the time when you want to receive them.
• A Notification Center extension that shows you movies that you set for a current day (iOS 8 only).

If you have a question, suggestion, or if you find a bug in the Movieday, email me at support(at)

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