Get Timerange Weekdisc’s source code for your own project

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Remember this little guy from Timerange? Now you can buy its source code for your own project on Chupamobile.

RDWeekdisc is a control that provides a nice way for selecting weekdays.

RDWeekdisc arranges all weekdays in a circle, and has a label in the center of it.

Each weekday is a circle with a label in it. If you tap on it, it changes its state to on or off (selected — not selected) with a fancy animation.

All text and colors are fully customizable. You can even set the radius of the circle in which weekdays are placed, and size of weekday circles.

You can set up RDWeekdisc through the Interface Builder or by writing a few lines of code.

There’s a full documentation for it on Chupamobile, and you can buy it from there.

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