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Hey, everyone! I’m still alive, yeah.

It’s been a long time since the last post here. In 2016 when I released latest update for Timerange, I got a job and since then I have been working for 2 years on a big ass project for Web. Last year I’ve started streaming videogames on Twitch, and 2 months ago launched a new website,, with a little drafting tool that should help people who often play Overwatch with friends against each other or host tournaments. I’ve built it using a PHP framework called Laravel, React + Redux on front-end and Node.js for the drafting process. The app looks good on mobile, as well as desktop.

But I didn’t forget about my iOS past and I always wanted to return with some good new ideas because #ILoveSwift. Finally one brilliant idea hit my head so now I’m recovering my Swift knowledge to build a new app for iOS. I’ll make a post with its announcement when the app will be nearly done, so stay tuned!

Also, my main iOS app right now, Timerange, was in need of an update for too long. Right now my new app is top priority, but right after the release I’m going to make Timerange shine on new iOS screens (iPhone X and newer), while fixing some bugs reported by you. Thank you for all the feedback about Timerange, I was reading all the mail :>

Also, I may write some new tutorial articles in the future about my new Overwatch Drafting tool or programming for iOS using Swift, so if you’d like to read about a specific topic, feel free to let me know in the comments below or @ me on Twitter.

So let’s return to iOS! Thank you for using my apps all that time I’ve been gone. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter to get all the news first (especially that sweet little announcement coming in soon).

How to Set up Visual Studio Code for Web Development in Golang. Part 2: Front End

In this article we’ll talk about the front end part of our set up. I use Gulp as a build system for my project, but I think this set up can be done with any other build system as well. This was originally an article about setting up Golang & Angular 2 development, but it actually doesn’t use Angular in any way. The only thing you need here is a build system (Gulp, Webpack or something else). Continue reading “How to Set up Visual Studio Code for Web Development in Golang. Part 2: Front End”

Timerange 4.0.4 update released

This update fixes a bug producing wrong calculation result when subtracting with Dates to Skip and it also fixes some smaller bugs.

This update was made for simultaneous release with Timerange Plus — both apps have the same version now.

Timerange Plus released

The standalone Timerange Plus app finally reached the App Store!

This is the version of Timerange that already has all functionality of Timerange Plus but a slightly different icon, and made for those who can’t upgrade inside the free version (for example, because of some restrictions regarding In-App Purchases). But don’t worry! Both apps will be supported concurrently, and both will receive updates at the same time.

If you haven’t upgraded inside the free version of Timerange yet (or the new icon is more appealing to you :), get the new standalone version from the App Store.

Timerange 4.0.3 update released

A new update for Timerange just reached the App Store, and it’s all about fixing and improving user experience. But at first, I’d like to thank you all for your emails (I’ve received a lot of them since the last update). They really help to find bugs and to understand what things need to be improved in the app.

So here’s the changelog:

• Timerange now calculates everything 30% faster and uses 32% less memory!
• Simplified Widget Editor.
• Added a few tips about how to use Timerange.
• Fixed a bug when you couldn’t move or delete any widget.
• Fixed a bug when Timerange didn’t remember last entered dates on the Intervals screen.
• Other fixes and stability improvements.

Enjoy the new update and let me know what do you think about it by opening up Timerange and going into Settings > About Timerange > Support & Suggestions. And don’t forget to update your reviews in the App Store!

Timerange 4.0.2 update released

Timerange now supports iOS 9! I’ve also fixed a crash on the Intervals screen, added landscape orientation for iPad, and made a few more improvements to the app. If you find a bug in Timerange or you have any questions or suggestions about the app, feel free to e-mail me using “Support & Suggestions” button on the “About Timerange” screen inside the app. And don’t forget to leave a review in the App Store — it helps a lot!

Timerange 4.0.1 update released

A little update for Timerange just reached the App Store.

• Added weeks, months, and years to counters that have All-day switch turned off.
• Fixed crash at startup that happened in rare cases.
• Fixed crash when you change your workweek in app settings.
• Fixed issue on iPad when you weren’t be able to reset a counter.
• Smaller fixes and stability improvements.

Timerange 4 update released


Meet the Timerange 4!
In this Timerange reincarnation the app got a massive design overhaul, date calculation made even easier and more convenient, counters got several new features, and a new Settings screen allows you to customize the app.

• New Timerange design look awesome on iOS devices and also have got a bunch of new animations!
• Updated Date Calculation screen allows you to add or subtract from a date not only days, but also weeks, months, and even years.
• New Settings screen provides features to customize Timerange: choose whether the app will remember last opened screen, or open the one by your choice.
• Now you can customize fields behavior on Date Calculation screen and Intervals Calculation screen: set them to remember last values, or select a value for every field.
• Set your own workweek, and Timerange will calculate working and non-working days for you on Intervals Calculation screen.
• Create counters with a single tap using new “Fast Counter” feature.
• Set a color for each counter and reorder them as you want.
• And finally, Notification Center widget for your counters! Select within the app which counters to display on the widget.